Oohhh La La. Roma, Ma, Ma, Gaga…

It may not be a bad romance but it sure can be full of drama. Who am I to say what’s drama and what’s not? I mean really. People who have relationships and they don’t feel like dealing with some of the crap their significant other goes through they call it “drama”. I call it A Bad Romance..in a good way. Like Lady Gaga says in her song “Bad Romance” her song is anything but about a bad romance. If you listen to the words it’s her taking all the good and the bad in the romance, I admire that.

So, if I could write a bad romance story it would be just like the Lady Gaga song. I will take the good and the bad, although the disease part would scare me, but if I love you, then I will take it all. So, we’ll see if I’m in a “Bad Romance” or a romance that’s bad. There’s a difference, just ask Lady Gaga, she wrote about one.

Until Next Time,
Much Love,

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