Today Seems To Be A Better Day

better-dayThere comes a point in our lives that we just need to “move on”. I guess today I’ve decided to do that…mentally. I’m not sure how it all began or where it even ends or even where the middle began in my past relationship. I do know now that I have made a conscious decision to move on, it’s almost a bitter sweet symphony. I look forward to the future as unsure as it may be for me, I’m willing to take that chance and find love again.

I’m not afraid to find love, and I’m no longer afraid to be venerable with someone. I learned from my past relationship, that it’s okay to be so with someone. I’m thankful for the experience I gained in the recent past and I’m also hurt by what I learned. I suppose all will be better for whatever holds in my future. Something, now I look forward to and willing to take the chance to welcome…even if I don’t know who it will be with.

Having come up with this in my mind recently, Today Seems To Be A Better Day.


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