The Here and Now of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

      Thoughts of yesterday trace my mind. Thoughts of tomorrow inspire me and thoughts of “now” leave me in question. If what people say is true, that we should live in the here and now because that’s all we have, then why do we plan for the future? Why not just live life at the present moment?

What fun would that be?

      There has to come a time in our lives and I’m sure there are many, which we look back on the past. We look forward to the future, and yet enjoying the present seems to be somewhat of a checkmate. I’m sitting here in my present moment and being slammed by emails and text messages from friends and co workers. I’m choosing not to answer them at the present moment.

      Today was my day to reflect on the past. The cold hard truth about the past. What I’ve learned along the way. I sent myself an email that was probably the most honest email I have ever sent to myself. If you don’t send yourself emails about your feelings, you should. It’s a good way to journal and get your thoughts out in the open for only you to see. I won’t go into detail of course about my email, but I will tell you what I wrote was as honest as it gets. I wrote a list of things I liked about my ex and a list of things I didn’t like about my ex.

      My list continued with the same list about myself. I wrote an honest to good list about things I like about myself and things I wish I could change about myself. These lists helped me see on paper what was missing and what I longed for again in a mate. I guess I had forgotten those things I missed and forgotten about the things I don’t want again. So when someone tells us to live in the here and now, I have to question..what exactly is the “Here and Now” if all we do is reminisce or plan for the future?

IS it possible to just “be still”?

Until Next Time,
Much Love,

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